Choosing the Right Website Domain Name

Website Domain Name – Setting up a new website for your latest venture? How exciting! Congratulations!

Every website needs a domain name, and it’s imperative to pick a good one right from the start. Once you’ve registered your domain, told all of your business contacts, printed business cards and generally branded everything, it’s only going to cost you money and effort if you change your mind later on.

Though picking a great domain name can sound like a big responsibility, it’s easy when you take the right things into account. Following these simple rules should help you come up with a domain name that appropriately represents your organisation online, not to mention one that stands the test of time!

Be Individual and Memorable

It always pays to give all of your brainstormed ideas a cursory Google search to make sure they’re different enough from other organisations out there, and that there will be no confusion between yourselves and another website. While you’re at it, you might also want to check social media channels for the same names, just to make sure you can reserve whichever name you end up choosing on social media too.

There is some debate about including a keyword in your domain name. Choosing a domain with a keyword in it can have minor SEO benefits, but it is by no means essential.

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