Producing the actual readable text on the web page

I suggested that copy writing is a skill in its own right. This is the writing of the actual text that people coming to your site will read. The Googlebot and other spiderbots love text – but only when written well in properly constructed English. Some people try to stuff their site with keywords, while others put white writing on white space (so spiderbots can see it but humans cannot).

Spiderbots are very sophisticated and not only will not fall for these tricks, they may actively penalize your site – in Google terms, this is sandboxing. Google takes new sites and “naughty” sites and effectively sin-bins them for three to six months, you can still be found, but n0t until results page 14 – which is not very useful. As well as good English, the spiderbots are also reading the HTML code, so the copywriter also needs an appreciation of the interplay between the two. My recommendation for anyone copy writing their own site is to write normal, well-constructed English sentences that can be read by machine and human alike.

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