Internet Marketing Workshop –   An overview of the areas that marketers need to consider today and how they relate to a company’s overall marketing mix. click here.

Social Media Workshop –  The aim of the social media workshop is to give a clear insight into the areas that make up the world of social media and how they fit together and deliver against the goals that companies set for them in today’s ever more competitive marketplace. click here.

Blogging Workshop – How blogging interacts and is influenced by different parts of an organization and the multitude of different ways it can be used. From a marketing perspective, we consider the elements that are important in developing a successful ongoing blogging strategy. click here.

Website SEO Workshop – The reality is that not every single website on the INTERNET can be a 100% complete success. By its very nature the INTERNET does not allow for that. The key therefore is to be that much better than 99% of your opposition.  How? By giving your website the CORRECT attention that it deserves. click here.

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