Blogging Workshop

The Blogging Workshop will give an overall view of how blogging can be used within an organization, where blogging might sit and the benefits it could bring. We look at the practical steps that should be followed when setting up and developing one and how it should be integrated with other social media tools and marketing methods for small and larger business alike. WE also look at examples from the business world to demonstrate some ways in which blogs are already delivering results.

1. What is a Blog (and how blogging became a key business tool!)

Setting the scene of what constitutes a Business blog in 2015, how business blogs are used and a brief history of the influences that have had been key in developing and shaping them from society, business and technical viewpoints.


Technical and society influences on Blogging
The move from personal to business blogs and beyond
The current state of corporate and business blogging

2. Placing blogging within a business context

How blogging interacts and is influenced by different parts of an organization and the multitude of different ways it can be used. From a marketing perspective, we consider the elements that are important in developing a successful ongoing blogging strategy.


Influences (both internal and external) which affect companies blogging
How blogs interact with other marketing & PR activities
What can blogging achieve in business terms?

3. Blogs from the Corporate World

There are many organizations benefiting massively from the blogs they run, ranging from individuals, through small businesses of all types and multinationals. Here we look at some corporate blogs as examples of how blogging is already being used in the business world.


Examples of business blogs and how companies use blogging
Different uses that blogs can be put to
Anatomy of a successful Business Blog

4. Starting and Developing a Blog

A practical guide to the elements which need to be considered when starting and developing a company blog to ensure its success and help achieve the goals outlined for it.


The Green Cross Code of Business Blogging
Tools and information sources available
Promotion methods to help broadcast and push the blog’s content

5. Planning your own blog

Bringing together elements and feedback to outline the practical steps towards the successful development and launch of a company blog. This would include discussion of the actions and inputs that would be required and where they could come from.


Looking at the key questions and planning required
Elements that need to be in place for success
Development of a series of next steps

Stellenbosch. Delegates a who wish to attend from out of town and would like assistance with arranging accommodation, please let us know. We have a number of accommodation establishments close by who we personally recommend. Shuttle services to and from the airport and to and from training each day can also be arranged with the various accommodation establishments. Costs for accommodation and shuttle services would be in addition to course fees.

Exact venue in Stellenbosch will be advised once course bookings close.

This is a 1 day workshop, from 8:45 am until roughly 5 pm.

Workshop Dates 2018:
Please contact us to get the correct dates.

Group size
Maximum 10 people. Bookings are done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Free assessment of your current blog
Programme worksheets and reference notes
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
Delegates will also leave with a basic DIY Blogging toolkit that provides various valuable resources.

R2,100.00 per person. Full amount is payable in order to secure a booking.

Group Bookings
Group discounts can be arranged on request where 3 or more delegates will be attending.

Organizations or associations can request a separate course for a full group of 16 delegates, at a time to be agreed and / or a venue provided by them. Please use the form below to stipulate your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

Terms of Payment
We regret that terms of payment are not flexible.

Please call us on 0871351005 or e-mail us on to get more information on our Blogging Workshop.

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