Website Content must haves

Along with style, your site must have substance. Remember that your audience is looking for information that will help them make a decision, so it should be informative and relevant. Use this opportunity to increase visitor confidence in your company’s knowledge and competence.

  • Short and organized copy: Clearly label topics and break your text up into small paragraphs. Don’t bore your visitors with visually overwhelming text. You’ve got less than 10 seconds to hook your visitors, so grab their attention by being clear, concise and compelling.
  • Update your content regularly: No one likes to read the same thing over and over again. Dead or static content will not bring visitors back to your site!
  • Speak to your visitors: Use the word you as much as possible. Minimize the use of I, we and us.
  • Consider a pro: Unless you’re an especially good writer, consider using a professional to write or edit your text content. A good writing resource is How to Write for the Web.

But What About the Glitz?

Flashy graphics and animation are tempting, and can have a very positive impact on user experience. Just use them appropriately and keep some simple guidelines in mind:

Use multimedia to entertain and enlighten your prospects. An animated banner, snappy video or interactive content will add to your site’s “interest quotient” and keep your visitors around longer. BUT — don’t force your visitors to endure something they’re not interested in or don’t have time for, and don’t let the “rich media” overwhelm your other content.

Make it “to go”. Provide downloadable podcasts, presentations and forms for users who can’t stay long, but want to take some of your information with them.

Don’t neglect your HTML content for the sake of glitz. Search Engines don’t have ears, and can’t read Flash, JavaScript or even PDFs .

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